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Thursday, January 28, 2010

No tear dries alone . . . unnoticed.

I was thinking about the fact that the Scriptures it said the prayers of the saints go up to God as a sweet fragrance to him. So I began to wonder how the suffering and tears of the world go up to God?

This is what I heard: "The tears of my people in their suffering I mix with my tears for them, and for the suffering of the world. Your agony is my agony.

When you are wounded; I am wounded.

When you are abused; I am abused.

When you are forsaken; I am forsaken.

When you are oppressed; I am opressed.

When you are abandoned; I am abandoned.

When you are mocked; I am mocked.

When you are violated, I am violated.

When you are crushed; I am crushed.

Not one of your tears is forgotten by me. I know them all. All of them will be dried and turned to laughter.

Remember that the cross married your agony to mine and sealed the promise that soon I will bring everything to rights. The world will be healed. It's peoples will rejoice. The oppressor and abuser and murderer and tyrant will be exposed and  brought to justice. No injustice is forgotten. No tear dries alone . . .  unnoticed.

My blood, agony and tears are restoring Creation. The Laughter of Heaven will turn all the sorrows I have collected into the leaping of true Freedom and Joy.

Hold fast to all my promises. Carry my love with you as a bond of surety.

Never forget I know every tear. I have each, and I will never forget them or you.
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