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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I Dream of a Church Where . . .

Yesterday, I posted this on Ben Dubow's blog: Faith Autopsy.

I dream of a church where:

1. Jesus is followed and related to as if he really is God with us: fully alive, fully active, fully redeeming.
2. People live first for the doing of his will and the establishing of his kingdom, then the meeting of their own needs and pursuing of their own dreams.
3. Generosity is in all matters, compassion is with no strings and love is so fierce it melts the division between people and peoples.
4. Truth is so longed for it aches and practiced that the captives are set free.
5. Tears come easily from warm hearts, and laughter bubbles without hesitation every ordinary day together.
6. Art and music are constantly created from a wellspring of courage and a stubborn freedom to express the exquisite, sometimes unbearable Beauty of God.
7. The least of these his brethren are the most honored among us.
8. No one slips away from our community without notice.
9. Silence, reverence, awe, and holiness have a home.
10. The community around it is glad the church is in its midst.
11. Young and old find favor with each other and spend time learning from one another.
12. Its giving always outstrips its taking.
13. God will never be ashamed to call us his people.
14. Worship is not a service, it is a way of being with God constantly.
15. Because of its capacity to love all people it goes out to all people near and far.
16. Everyone helps; everyone serves; everyone lightens life's load..
17. Healing is freely offered and freely sought in our life together.
18. People who challenge us to think hard and love well are welcomed.
19. Grace is practiced as if our life together depended on it.
20. The Scriptures are loved and respected enough to be studied for a lifetime.
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