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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Da Move, Yo.

As some of you are aware from following imagine/Northampton on Facebook, we moved yesterday into our Intergalactic HQ at 70 Main Street. Three members of the team, super-ninjas all, Matt Bayne, Mike Dubuque and Matt Pascuale,  mustered at 0900 to get it done. Tricia with Karen Bayne and Karen Pascuale mustered on Friday to move a few things as well.

The move logistically was simple: clean out 3 small offices at 16 Armory Street, literally just around the block, transport and deposit the stuff in our new offices. When we returned the van later in the afternoon the guy said we traveled a mere 16 miles (we had to go also to our storage space in Hadley to fetch a couch). We used two vans and it took just 4 trips.

The only real challenges we faced were: a rainy day, having to negotiate a substantial set of stairs at the Main Street office, moving six rather heavy pieces of furniture, and having to partially block a right-turn lane on a busy Saturday Main Street. All of them were handled with aplomb, I might add.

Also, our landlord, a good guy in general,  is extremely persnickety about not leaving marks on the walls or floors so we were careful about not banging into things. We left a couple of small dings which were easily repaired. And we did break a leg on one of our antique tables, but I think it can be repaired fairly easily as well.

After moving, we went back to the crib for a feast of lasagna, salad, Italian bread, fruit and brownies. Everybody had worked up an appetite so the food was welcome. Thanks to Tricia and Karen B for providing it.

After dinner, Karen went over to the Armory Street offices while we returned the van and cleaned it for inspection on Monday. We always try to leave wherever we reside or work in better shape than how we found it. I think we accomplished it.

Moving, as most would agree, is stressful, sometimes incredibly so. While I felt some unease as I began the day yesterday, I have to say it went very smoothly. Everybody was in good spirits. We worked hard and got it done with few hitches. We are now in our new space. The only thing left to do is put everything back together and we are good to go. I will do that tomorrow.

Matt B. reminded me yesterday how excited we were to actually have our first offices on Armory Street. We were so close to Main Street. God was making real what was just a dream. Now, we are on Main Street. The space is bigger and feels more in line with what we are trying to do. We can actually worship there! God has taken us to the next step.

With each step, we take more risk requiring deeper faith and trust. I see this move as an opportunity to grow in believing God for more than we can ask or imagine. Doing so is not easy for me, but I am grateful God blesses me all the time with the chance to do so.

May the Lord use this new space to bring more glory to His Name.

May it be a place where the captives are freed, the blind see and the brokenhearted are healed.

May it be place where the Gospel is proclaimed and lived in a way that makes a substantial difference to people far from Jesus.

May it grow us in faith, love and fruitfulness for the sake of his kingdom.
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