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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Strategic Prayer Huddles: Last Night's Maiden Voyage

After our Conversations series ended 2 weeks ago, we took the next step in launching imagine last night--9 of us. We gathered for the first Strategic Prayer Huddle. It was an historic event, the first time we have gathered with other people to pray for the vision and mission of imagine/northampton. We were small, but passionate and focused.

The purpose of gathering was two-fold: To strategically "pray forward" the mission of imagine/northampton. The idea was to begin laying strategic foundations by prayer. The second was by spending time in the intimacy of prayer together a small and focused community would form organically to launch the church in May. Relationships are growing. And we know nothing substantial is accomplished without prayer and lots of it.

As the evening started, we began by being quiet together in the Presence of Jesus. Then, Dan Edwards led us in some worship to continue preparing our hearts and focus rightly. After, we settled into strategic prayer and listening to God. The praying was spontaneous, but we had some structure as well so the focus stayed toward the mission of the church.

After the evening came to an end, Tricia and Jim noted, and I felt the same, how sweet it was for us to hear the hearts of others praying for imagine. There was passion, wisdom and discernment in how they prayed. It felt so good to join with them in this. We felt connected to their hearts. The whole experience was like a refreshing oasis in the midst of struggle. These are wonderful people to be associated with.

We will continue the SPH's each Friday night through March and into April preparing for our first worship in early May.

May the prayer prepare the way for all of it.
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