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Saturday, March 14, 2009

After the Jumping and Falling: Week 4


1. My knee continues to heal: lessening pain, the incision is healing nicely; it feels a bit more stable.
2. I can walk some without the crutches.
3. I am beginning to see a few clients again in Westfield and Northampton; more next week.
4. Tricia and I get to spend more time together and I have witnessed afresh what an amazing helpmate she is...a Proverbs 31 woman and then some!
5. I was able to get important reading done and see a few great movies.
6. I get to learn more of the much needed spiritual lesson of accepting and working within limits I can't change.
7. I get to experience humility and vulnerability.
8. God has provided for us even though I didn't work any for 3 weeks!
9. I have been able to attend both Strategic Prayer Huddles and lead one.
10. I was able to write some of the imagine/northampton FAQS.
11. I have been able to resist discouragement and grow tenacity in adversity.
12. I have experienced the generosity and kindness of friends, colleagues and family.


1. I still can't drive.
2. I still get tired sooner and more easily; Tricia is doing the work of both of us.
3. Neither Tricia nor I are sleeping well because I have to sleep solely on my back, and get up in the middle of the night (she has to assist me in getting out of bed so it wakes her up).
4. Scheduling and coordinating counseling sessions again with added PT appointments is challenging and frustrating because Tricia has to drive me.
5. I am not praying and listening to God enough.
6. All the traveling we have to do.
7. The lack of mobility I still experience.
8. Having my leg locked in extension all the time because of the brace.
9. Not being able to get with folks to build community.

I hope you can hear the gratitude I have for the grace I have experienced in this, along with the frustration I am experiencing because freedom is limited and momentum is slowed.

The deal is I am reminded of all the trials and tribulations the people of God have endured throughout the centuries--that such is the normal Christian life. What I am going through now reflects what is normal, and pales compared to what many had to and still suffer today.

Keeps the feet on the ground and the perspective within reality. That's always a good thing.
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