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Thursday, October 30, 2008


With all of the important activities to be attended to in launching a church, I find the most life-giving to be meeting young creatives. I relate to their exuberance, brashness, and fire for what they are doing. They are thinkers and doers, connecting to and being connected by what they are making.

If imagine/northampton is going to converse with the artistic community of Northampton, we are going to need to spend all sorts of time with these visionaries and culture-makers. They will fuel our fires and deepen our understanding of the human drive to create. We will appreciate God more and sharpen our focus.

We know we want our mission and where we do it to be arts saturated: art that provokes, invites, challenges, emancipates and ennobles the spirit and the mind. Light, color , movement, sound and fury need to fill our space and fill our serving. We have much to learn from artists, including the conversation they will have with our own artistic expressions.

We will need to be listeners, humble and aware of our blindspots and theirs. We will need to look and feel and think with and through them. We will have to look for truth even in unfamiliar expressions. Truth that penetrates, reveals and convicts toward real life and fullness. There is much to find and much to leave in Northampton.

What a time to be alive in the Kingdom!
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