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Friday, April 19, 2013

Sometimes I just Wish Kingdom Would Come.

I wish there was less hatred these days. Vitriol burns and scars the heart.

I wish there was less bitterness these days. Acid never heals a wound.

I wish there was less jealousy these days. Humility is a gift.

I wish killing wasn't an increasing option for working out hard problems. Murder kills 8 year-olds just waiting for their dads to finish the race, turning young men into pariahs.

I wish people thought more deeply and were less influenced by self-absorbed political posturing, and inane partisan punditry. Those who know what it cost others for them to live free are not easily taken in by sound bites and vacuous celebrity.

I wish people thought more about what actually has substance - the deep and enduring ideas which make us human, even wise and loving. Minds left to wither becomes easily lured and controlled by lies.

I wish having a good time, getting wasted, and seeing how much sex you can have with as many people as possible wasn't such a civil religion. Where did real life go, the kind that honors, cherishes and protects the other?

I wish the Church (you and me) cared more for people wandering in the dark toward death than filling Sunday Worship with a kickin' band and amazing speakers. Picking up our crosses, dying deep to self, and following Jesus no matter the cost doesn't glitter very much.

I wish bombing the innocent was not seen as act of heroism anywhere in the world. Honorable bravery for a just cause never kills the weak and small.

I wish civility returned to our national discourse and everyday interchanges. Kind words heal and generous words build bridges. Wise words win a hearing. Listening well creates relationships.

I wish the pursuit of wealth was also a pursuit of helping others overcome their obstacles and make a life as well. Helping the least of Christ's brethren opens us to the heart of the Gospel and Kingdom.

I wish religious hatred withered because people reached across the table and began to really talk about what faith means to them and why. Learning to listen to the hearts of others seeking after God is a noble thing and an opening.

I wish those working to create division between races and cultures would see their blindness and be ashamed. There is a common humanity beating in the hearts of all people God has made.

I wish my children and grandchildren could live in a world where people turned their swords into plowshares and celebrated war no more. Peace on earth and good will toward all people ...

I wish for the day when all the crying eyes will have their tears dried, all broken hearts will be healed, everything will be set to right, and love annihilates hatred and death.

I wish the deceived young bomber who will not give himself up in Watertown right now will be spared find a Savior full of forgiveness, grace and mercy.


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