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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Prayer to Revive A Faith Gone Lukewarm.

Sunday, at imagine/Northampton, I gave the second talk in my series Saboteurs of the Heart - 7 Questions: How does Lukewarm Faith Sabotage the Heart From living/ALIVE to God? At the end of the talk, I led us in this short group prayer below. May it be of use to you as you prepare your heart for the joy of Easter:

Father of Wonders beyond my imagining,

I know there have been too many times when I wander through my day as if you are there, but more as a silent companion than an object of my deepest desire.

There are other times because of sin, or distraction, or love of other things, my faith cools, almost as if it’s become a distant memory.

It seems easy for me to live with my faith as if it were a passport rather than a constant love song.

I don’t want it to be that way, but I don’t know how to re-light the fire I once had, or kindle a fire I’ve never had

* * * *

LORD OF CREATION . . .  create a living newness in my faith, even this day.

LORD OF THE EXODUS  . . .  deliver me from everywhere my heart is held captive from you.

LORD OF THE CROSS AND SUFFERING  . . .  heal all my blindness and lukewarm unbelief.

LORD OF THE RESURRECTION . . . awaken my heart that I might live/ALIVE unto you.

LORD OF PENTECOST . . . grant me all I need to do freely all you ask of me as if it were a joy.

ABBA, FATHER . . . enflame my heart so my life of faith might reflect your beauty, goodness and truth to those sleepwalking unaware.

For Christ's glory and my liberty.


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