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Friday, December 31, 2010

Taking Stock in 2010; "Ordinary" Things That Mattered Greatly.

Soon, I'll be writing imagine/Northampton's Year-End Letter to honor God and celebrate the wonderful things he's done through its people, everyone who supported us, and those we encountered in our mission. I know it's important and enlightening to do so. But I also think it's beneficial and right to be thankful for the little or seeming ordinary things (riches really to most people in the world), along the way, the "commonplace" details of the missional tapestry God was creating this year.

For instance:

1. The idea to use a tall glass and brightly -colored marbles to represent and celebrate his many answers to our prayers.
2. Being small so we can still worship in a circle if we want.
3. Folding chairs to sit on and put away if we need to.
4. A bright office space with carpeting, gallery lighting, heat and air-conditioning, running water, a bathroom with a working toilet . . .
5. Large windows overlooking Main Street so we can see the people everyday and pray for them.
6. Bibles we don't have to hide for fear of persecution, arrest or death.
7. A parking space we can walk to in 2 minutes.
8. Hospitality from team members enabling us to share meals, good talk and laughs together.
9. Getting to walk to work - just down two short flights of stairs.
10. Computers connecting us to the world and resources beyond our wildest dreams just 25 years ago.
11. Surprise encouragement, written or spoken from people all over, including people who are not Jesus-followers.
12. Getting to pray anytime we want.
13. Getting to be pushed from, our cherished comfort zones and being around people on the street who reveal our complacency, pride and fear.
14.Places in town where we can meet and share coffee and conversation over important things.
15. Being able to write a blog.
16. Other people acting as if imagine really does exist and it matters.
17. Time to do what God has summoned us to.
18. The ability to get out of bed each day, and think straight.
19. People who show up when they said they would.

I am grateful for the lavish commonplace because it too reflects the magnificent generosity of God and the support imagine/Northampton has to maybe do something that mattered on our watch.

Thank you Jesus for paper clips, pencils, cups, lights, copiers, desks, stick pads, tape, decanters, Legos, toilet paper, file folders, envelopes, soap, white boards, wastepaper baskets, mini-fridges, toner, paper and plastic bags, felt pens, plates, etc., etc.!!!

It's all been grace; all grace; all grace!
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