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Friday, December 11, 2009

It Will Always Be MERRY CHRISTMAS For Me

My post is a simple declaration:

You will never hear "Happy Holidays" coming out of my soul patch-bedecked mouth. It ain't gonna happen. There is no reason for it, political correctness notwithstanding. It is insipid and impotent. Blah!

At this time every year the McDermott's celebrate Christmas along with the Church in the world and those who have gone before us in heaven. It is a Creation-wide event transcending human tradition or cultural innovation. It marks the astounding beginning of the redemption of all Creation through Jesus, the Christ. A deeper, more profound REAL trumps popular cultural sensitivities around what is correct to say at this time of year.

Even the phrase "Merry Christmas" is richer and more evocative than the plain-jane (no offense to all the "Jane's" who might read this), "Happy Holidays" we are supposed to mouth sheepishly to everyone. Making merry is about light-hearted celebration over Emmanuel (God has come to be with us) and transcendent joy. "Happy Holidays" is vague. What exactly are we supposed to be happy about: having a vacation, getting new stuff to add to our bloated menageries of things, not having to work for a few days? Really, that's it?

Now, it is well-known that depression heightens during this season. It is the very antithesis of happiness and making merry. Great expectations over warm family times, reconnecting with friends, experiencing joy and having wonderful Hallmark moments for many are never met. The complete superiority of Christmas over Holiday is that Christmas promises new beginnings, the reality of redemption , the invitation to be glad because help is on the way, and everything will be made right someday and someday soon. The Christ around whom we should be merry is with us. He has been born to us, a son has been given. We are not alone or left out. Christ is cause for merriment.

Holiday schmoliday, I say!

It is and will remain "Merry Christmas" for me. I will not be silenced by the pressure of merely fitting in.

After all, saying "Merry Christmas" extends a blessing to people I want to offer them. It says God is very near you. Take a minute to be glad.

So, the Merriest Christmas to you all and to those you love. Do me a favor and give a "Merry Christmas" blessing to someone today. Ask Jesus to show you someone who could use it. You are blessing them even if they don't realize it.
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